Imaginative cuisine inspired by food from around the world


NIGHT-TIME MENU - Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Potato and honey flatbread and olive oil – £2

Roasted romanesco and cauliflower, chimichurri sauce, cashews – (GF) (V) – £4

Burrata, peaches, black sesame seeds, chilli oil, crostini – (GFO) – £5.50

Tempura vegetables, fresh chilli, salsa aglio, crispy nori – (VO) – £7

Bao buns, peanut butter tofu, spring onions, Japanese mayo – (VO) – £6.50



Agedashi tofu, mixed cabbage, udon noodles, mixed mushrooms,
spring onions, chilli, in broth – (GFO) (V) – £12

Spiced chickpea fritters, coconut paste, paneer, seasonal greens,
nuts – (GF) (VO) – £12.50

Soba noodles, marinated tempeh, kohlrabi, sweet potato, squash, cucumber, feta,
coconut dressing, black sesame – (VO) (GFO) – £13

Freekeh, roasted root vegetables, rainbow carrots, soft boiled egg,
fried zucchini, smoked almonds - £13



Lime and avocado cheesecake – (GF) – £6.50

Chocolate mousse, coconut cream, mango – (V) (GF) – £6

Single origin filter coffee – £2.50


Kids Evening Menu

Pumpkin croquette with vegetables – £6

Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese – £6

Fruit salad – £4.5


V=Vegan  VO=Vegan Option  GF=Gluten Free  GFO=Gluten Free Option
Nuts – they’re everywhere in our kitchen! Please inform us if you have any food allergies before ordering.
A discretionary 10% service charge will be added.

Kitchen opens at 6pm and closes at 10pm




Monday   8am - 5pm
(kitchen opens 8am & closes 3pm)
Tuesday   8am – 5pm
(kitchen opens 8am & closes 3pm)
Wednesday   8am – 5pm
(kitchen opens 8am & closes 3pm)
Thursday   8am – 10.30pm
(kitchen opens 8am & closes 3pm,
re-opens 6pm & closes 10pm) 
Friday   8am – 10.30pm
(kitchen opens 8am & closes 3pm,
re-opens 6pm & closes 10pm)
Saturday   9am – 10.30pm
(kitchen opens 9am & closes 3pm,
re-opens 6pm & closes 10pm)
Sunday   9am – 5pm
(kitchen opens 9am & closes 4pm)



020 8527 3652


8 Chingford Road
London E17 4PJ


Daytime: we only take bookings for 6 or more people

Evening: we take bookings for
all party sizes

To make a booking, please
email or phone